White House Meeting on Educational Gaming

White House Meeting on Educational Gaming


I just got back from an incredible trip to DC, full of meetings with brilliant academics, committed ed tech entrepreneurs, and awesome educational game designers. The highlight of the trip was a working group at the White House focused on bringing more national attention to the potential for games to transform STEM teaching and learning.

The working group was inspired by the Clinton Global Initiative and Russell Shilling’s blog post, Play to Learn: Solving a Billion STEM Problems Through Educational Gaming. Solving 1,000,000,000 problems is an inspiring goal, but there will be a ton of planning to make it happen. So glad that we had a seat at the table along with a lot of other smart folks. In the Lean In spirit, the table included some inspiring women whose work you should check out, including Michelle Riconscente (GlassLab), Victoria Van Voorhis (Second Avenue Learning), and Lisa Blackwell (Mindset Works).

The night before I presented at the Ed Games Expo at 1776 in DC, co-sponsored the ESA. There were a ton of great educational games represented, but some of my favorites were: Mission US, Filament Games, PlatinuMath, and Numbershire. Make sure to check them out, too!

And please help bring more attention to games in education by voting for our SXSWedu panel ideas on game design and using data from kids’ gameplay. If you don’t have a SXSW voting account yet, create one here. Today is the last day for voting, so click these buttons now!!!


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