We’re Springing into Action

We’re Springing into Action

We’re celebrating Spring with lots of exciting new product launches and updates!

App Updates:

Mt. Multiplis is now optimized for classroom use.  You can log in to your existing Teachley account and personalize the gameplay for each of your students. Watch the trailer below to see how it works. Download the update at bit.ly/MtMultiplis.

Don’t already have an account? No problem, it’s easy! Create your free account here.


An update for Addimal Adventure is also available. This update includes enhanced login functionality, especially for schools using shared iPad carts.


You’ve been asking for it, so we’re developing it. A Teachley subtraction app is currently in development. Expected launch: Summer 2015!


Free Trials to Teachley Analytics:

In-depth Reports


We know it’s been a busy year! If you haven’t had a chance to try our in-depth data reporting and intervention support features, now is the time. We’re opening up free trials to Teachley Analytics for the rest of the school year. End the year knowing how much progress your students have made. Use the reports during parent-teacher conferences or share your students’ success with your principal. Take a minute and sign up here.



PD Resources:

PD ResourcesWe’ve launched a new feature on the Teachley dashboard: PD Resources. Here, you’ll find a library of instructional videos designed to help you use apps to teach specific math lessons.  More resources, including quick assessment tips will be added soon! To access PD Resources, simply login to your Teachley dashboard here.




Have ideas or suggestions for other updates or new features we should develop?  Email us at info@teachley.com. We’d love to hear from you!