The end of 2014: 6 Cities in 5 Weeks…

The end of 2014: 6 Cities in 5 Weeks…

We spent much of the past few months touring the country (and even hopping over to Europe) to find out what educators and entrepreneurs are doing to improve teaching and learning. Here are some of our highlights from 6 cities:

1) Auburn, ME


One of our favorite conferences is the Leveraging Learning Institute hosted by the Auburn School Department. It’s an intimate conference dedicated to sharing best practices for integrating iPad at the elementary level. This year’s theme was using the iPad as a tool for creation. We loved hearing teachers brainstorm how to use Teachley’s math apps in combination with creative apps like Explain Everything, ShowMe, or LoiLoNote School to extend the learning experience and assess for understanding. Stay tuned for more ideas on AppSmashing with Teachley…

2) Boston, MA


We traveled to Boston to be part of the Edtech Teacher iPad summit.  It was so inspiring to see and hear about how educators are meaningfully incorporating technology into their classrooms.  There was a big focus on app smashing (term coined by Greg Kulowiec) this year. Check out this post for some great app smashing ideas with Addimals.

3) London, England


We were flown to London for a very quick 2 day trip by the Breteau Foundation. We were finalists for their Innovation Prize and were able to share the success of Teachley Analytics with thought leaders and fellow edtech entrepreneurs. While we were only there a short time, we were able to meet some amazing companies, like Tutorfair, Ulu Lab, KeyWordsEnglish, among many others. And, we even had time to do some shopping and sample some amazing tea and pastries!

4) Indianapolis, IN


NCTM’s first regional conference this year was in Indianapolis, Indiana. We presented about great math apps for encouraging strategies. Check out the webmix we created for the event. It was great to hear about how teachers are using Addimals and Mt. Multiplis in their classrooms.

5) Richmond, VA

In Richmond, we met more great NCTM teachers. We spent time presenting about great math apps, but we also had time to go to some great sessions, too. For those who haven’t checked out Dan Meyer’s 3 Act problems, they are inspiring. In a nutshell, he advocates taking the numbers out of our word problems and using a compelling visual to state the problem. Then kids get to identify what #s they need to solve the problem. I kept imaging how you could adopt that same thinking for the younger grades. Ideas?

6) Houston, TX


The final NCTM regional was in Houston, TX this year. I went to a great session hosted by Zeno Math, a non-profit helping bring more fun and engaging math activities to schools and families. Check out their blog this month for the Twelve Days of Math Ways, featuring 12 different engaging math activities.