Teachley Wins Apple Design Award 2014 for Addimal Adventure

Teachley Wins Apple Design Award 2014 for Addimal Adventure

Teachley: Addimal Adventure recognized as top innovative app with 
an Apple Design Award 2014
SAN FRANCISCO- June 3, 2014 – Teachley, a New York-based edtech company founded by teachers and cognitive psychologists has won an Apple Design Award 2014. Each year, Apple hosts the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) during which they recognize iOS apps for outstanding design and innovation. Teachley: Addimal Adventure, available free for iPad, was 1 of 12 apps to win this prestigious award. “Technology offers unique possibilities for transforming education,” says Co-Founder, Rachael Labrecque, “We are thrilled that Apple recognizes this and chose to award Addimal Adventure, an educational app designed to help young  kids learn addition, with this honor.”

While Co-Founders, Kara Carpenter, Dana Pagar, and Rachael Labrecque were earning their PhDs in Cognition and Learning at Teachers College, Columbia University, they discovered a great disconnect between academia and the marketplace. “Academics are doing innovative work, but while their projects answer important theoretical questions, many fail to become viable products that address the real issues schools face,“ says Co-Founder, Kara Carpenter, “On the other hand, many app developers fail to consider the research on how children learn and instead just gamify flashcards.” The three co-founders started Teachley to bring together research, education, and gaming.

Addimal Adventure is the only research-based app that teaches important addition strategies that drive learning. While most addition apps focus on drill, with digital worksheets and flashcards, Addimal Adventure aligns with Common Core State Standards that emphasize teaching different strategies to solve problems. “The way the blocks break apart to show counting on has been a great reinforcement for my students. The app has motivated my students to learn multiple ways to add numbers quickly,” says Apple Distinguished Educator Mauri Dufour, 2nd grade teacher, Maine.

Designed to support classroom use, teachers create classroom accounts and student profiles. Using the zoom and crop features of iOS 7, teachers can quickly take photos of each student. Students use these photos to login to gameplay so the app remembers exactly where each child left off.  “I love how Addimal Adventure explains the addition strategies, allows multi-users, and saves progress… I hope other apps learn from what you have done and begin to offer these features also,” says Kathy B., kindergarten teacher, Ohio.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure was developed by Teachley, an edtech company founded by former teachers with PhDs in Cognition and Learning. Teachley was one of 6 companies out of hundreds of applicants to receive two back-to-back prestigious Small Business Innovation Research grants, totaling $1.05M from the U.S. Department of Education.  Teachley was the runner up in NBC’s Education Nation Innovation Challenge 2013.  Teachley recently launched its second app, Mt. Multiplis, currently featured in the App Store for Elementary School. Teachley’s next app, focused on subtraction, is currently in development.

Download Addimal Adventure for free at bit.ly/TeachleyApps.