Instructional Video: Count on Larger Addend

In our first video, we showed you how to introduce the Count On strategy using the Addimal Adventure app. For example, 2 + 3 can be solved by starting with “2” then counting on three more: “3, 4, 5”.

An even more efficient way to count on is to always start with the larger addend, even if it’s the second addend.  To do this, we encourage kids to first choose the bigger number then count on from there. To solve 2 + 6, we can start with “6” and count on just two more, “7, 8”.

In this video, watch how you can use the same app to encourage counting on from the larger addend.

Common Core standards: K.CC.A.2; K.OA.A.1; K.OA.A.2; 1.OA.C.6


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Instructional Video: Count On Strategy

We’re launching a new series of instructional videos to help you think about how you can use apps to introduce math skills and strategies to your students. New videos will be posted each week.


Do you have students in your kindergarten, first or second grade who continue to count one-by-one on their fingers when they add? Making the switch to Counting On when adding can be really hard for kids!


In our first video, find out how to use the Addimal Adventure app to teach the Count On strategy.


Common Core standards: K.OA.A.2; 1.OA.C.6


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