Logging into your Premium Teachley Account

Logging into your Premium Teachley Account

Your school has subscribed to Teachley Analytics.

What does this mean for you?

-Your account will sync with all of Teachley’s apps to personalize learning for your students.-Unlimited access to your dashboard where you can edit your class, add student photos, and access data reporting and intervention support.

-In-depth data reporting allows you to easily monitor students’ gameplay, track Common Core proficiency, and view which skills your students have mastered and are struggling with.

-Intervention support helps you plan lessons and tailor instruction.

Watch a short video to learn how to get started with your classroom iPad program.
Each child has his/her own iPad

Children share a set of iPad devices within your classroom

You share a set of iPad devices with other classrooms

Happy playing!

Have questions or still not sure what to do? Contact us at info@teachley.com or 1-800-651-2904.