Introducing Teachley: Subtractimals!

Introducing Teachley: Subtractimals!

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Teachley: Subtractimals, our new math app for K-2nd grade students. Click here to download.

Subtractimals starts where Addimal Adventure leaves off. The sinister Professor Possum is at it again, this time trying to steal orbs of light from the home of our newest character, Slurp (Patooey’s cousin). Students solve subtraction problems to defeat the villain and are introduced to two effective subtraction strategies: count back and count on.

Slurp, our new cute green frog helps students count back when subtracting. There are two ways to use Slurp to subtract.

  • Count back 1-by-1: Tap on Slurp and he will eat 1 block at a time as you count back. For instance, to solve 6-2, you can tap on him one time and he will take away one block from your 6-block as you say “5”. Tap him again and he removes a second block as you say “4,” which is the answer. For added scaffolding, you’ll notice the count back serial notation appear with each action.
  • Count back multiple blocks (Part-Part-Whole strategy): For more advanced students, touch and hold Slurp to have him gobble up more than 1 block at a time. For 6-2, you can have him slurp up 2 blocks at the same time to see a visual of the 6-block divided into a 2-block and a 4-block.Slurp count back Lila

Patooey makes her return with the count on strategy, as she did in Addimals. This time, she uses count on to help kids connect addition and subtraction.

  • Count on 1-by-1: Tap on Patooey and she will spit out 1 block at a time to help you count on. For instance, for 10-8, you will see an outline of a 10 frame with 8 blocks filled in. After you press Patoeey once, she spits a block onto the 8-block, making 9. Press her 1 more time and she spits another block, which fills up the 10 frame. You count on as she spits, “8,9,10” and see that she has spit 2 blocks, the answer.
  • Count on multiple blocks: More advanced students may be able to figure out that Patoeey needs to spit 2 blocks out to complete the 10 frame. Touch and hold her until the number 2 appears and she will spit out 2 blocks at a time to complete the 10 frame.IMG_0041

Like in Addimals, the Speed Round encourages kids to answer quickly and gives scaffolded hints when needed.  Kids love the excitement and fun of the speed round.Speed round Subtractimals Lila

Subtractimals is optimized for schools with Common Core aligned content and personalizes learning for every child, even on shared iPad devices. Teachers can create or log in to their existing Teachley accounts to adapt the app for each student. Schools that subscribe to Teachley: Operations can get in-depth data reporting in real-time on all of Teachley’s math apps. To sign up for a free trial, click here.

Subtractimals is available for iPad on the App Store for $2.99 in the U.S. and priced accordingly worldwide. Click here to download.