Introducing App Settings

Introducing App Settings

App Settings

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At Teachley, we’re making using iPads in the classroom even easier and more efficient for you and your students. Teachley’s App Settings enables teachers to customize our apps right from the Teachley dashboard to meet each student’s needs.


Here are just some examples of ways you can customize the apps:



Turn off the Speed Round in Addimals EDU Subtractimals EDU




Select specific multiplication factors in Fact Flyer EDU




Assign a pop-up quiz in Fractions Boost EDU


To see how App Settings work, watch this short video:


App Settings work with the EDU versions of Teachley’s math apps (and select third party apps) and is available now for premium Teachley subscribers. Simply log into your teacher dashboard at or in the Teachley Connect app. Not a Teachley subscriber? Sign up for a free pilot here.