Teachley Winter Break Math Practice

Happy Holidays!

Slurp and Patooey

To celebrate, we’re giving you Winter Break Math Practice packets to send home over vacation! To download, go to:



Encourage students to practice their math facts over winter break!

We know that students often slip in their academic skills over vacations. So, we’ve created different math practice packets for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades to encourage students to practice their math facts and strategies.


Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday vacation!


Your friends at Teachley

Avoiding the Speed Round

How to Avoid the Speed Round when Playing Addimal Adventure

While many kids love the task of beating the Professor Possum in the Speed Round (including an entire classroom of excited First Graders we visited yesterday at Brooklyn Arbor School), we wanted to share a tip for using Addimals with younger students (PreK, Kindergarteners) and with students who feel anxious during the timed Speed Round.

To skip the Speed Round:

Students should press the Home button during the “Blocks Won” screen (which appears right after the Tool Round ends) and then tap the Stop Sign. Students will be brought back to the Splash Screen where they can find their profile and begin playing a new Tool Round.


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